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        In late 2015 the owner, Kevin Hilton, launched the beginnings of 6H Tactical.  Before venturing off into the world of small business, Kevin spent his life learning about and shooting firearms. 

        His love of shooting started at a young age when his Grandfather, Vincent Troianello, took Kevin shooting for his first time at the age of 7.  After learning the basics, Kevin began to shoot on his Grandfathers old

Marlin Model 80 .22LR rifle, which Kevin still owns today. 

        Throughout the years Kevin's love of the shooting sports grew.  From earning all of the shooting sports merit badges in scouting while earning his Eagle Scout to his first major career.
        In 2003 Kevin enlisted in the U.S. Army and chose to become an Armorer.  Kevin served in the Army for 9 years before leaving in 2012 at the rank of Sergeant. 
        During his time in uniform, Kevin, served with several different units from different parts of the country, and served two tours in Iraq and one tour in Kuwait.
        After leaving the service, Kevin worked part time for the Patriots Path Council, Boy Scouts of America, as an Outfitter. 
        In 2014, Kevin left the Boy Scouts and started working for Protection and Security Services, for Atlantic Health Systems. 

        While working for Atlantic Health Systems, Kevin continued to expand his training and certifications.  In April of 2015 Kevin completed his certification as an Anti-Terrorism Officer from the S2 Safety and Intelligence Institute. During this time, however, Kevin continued to fuel his love for the shooting sports. 
        Kevin is a certified AR-15 Armorer and holds an Undergraduate Certificate in Advanced Gunsmithing from The Sonoran Desert Institute as well as a degree for an Associate of Science  in Firearms Technology.