• ​Barrel Change
  • Buffer Tube Change
  • Free Float Handguard Installation
  • ​Furniture Change
  • Gas Block Installation
  • Complete Lower Assembly
  • Muzzle Brake Change
  • Trigger Installation
  • Complete Upper Assembly
  • ​All Compliance Work

"Kevin did a fantastic job putting a bunch of accumulated parts together into a fantastic Para Ordnance pistol for me.  His knowledge and careful craftsmanship allowed him to fit each part together perfectly into a gun which makes me proud to own. I recommend his work for any person and any type of job with guns."
-John H.

"​Kevin has done a bunch of work for me on a few different  guns but most recently he glass bedded  my savage 220 ( with a Boyd stock) that I was taking bear hunting in Canada.  The gun itself was already accurate  but after having Kevin  work on it , it only got better. My first 3 shots out of the gun were in the bull and could be covered  with a quarter. Two other guys I was with showed interest and after letting them shoot a 3 round group they  both had the same results.  Talk about a confidence booster!  Wound up taking a bear the last night at 60 yards through some thick stuff. Only had a neck shot ( an area no bigger than a basketball) and was comfortable enough to take the shot... the bear was dead before she hit the ground. Thank you Kevin for the solid craftsmanship and expeditious work you did for me. I will be coming back for more work in the future."

-Robert M.

The current turn around time for any job that requires a diagnosis is two weeks.  All Services requiring a diagnosis will be charged a non-refundable 1/2 hour labor ($50) diagnosis fee.  Should you choose to continue with the repair after diagnosis, then the fee will be applied to the cost of the repair.  Please plan accordingly when dropping off firearms for service.  Thank You!

​"​Great gunsmith Solved my 1892 issue when others couldn't Totally recommend him."

-George B.

Gunsmithing Services Offered, But Not Limited To:

​"​I went to this shop and met with the owner. He was very accommodating and did my job as I waited. He is very precise and careful. He explained everything thoroughly. In addition, his prices were very reasonable. I will most certainly use his services again as the need arises. "

-Richard A. ​​

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"Found 6H Tactical online after getting some outrageous estimates for some basic gunsmithing on my M&P pistol by my local "big name" gun dealers. A few smaller shops said they couldn't handle the work. Kevin was accommodating with my schedule and actually did the job "while I waited". The job was done flawlessly and I am completely happy with the result.The price was what I was expecting as I had the same work done on another gun in Nevada. He has a small but completely equipped shop and is in the process of expanding. Kevin is a highly qualified and certified armorer and I recommend 6H Tactical for any and all of your gunsmithing needs."

​-Bob G.

"I had 4 rifles that I had taken to a Gun Smith/ Store I wont mention the name of the store but it was in Andover N.J.  I called and confirmed that it was ok to bring the rifles down for an appraisal/ sale. After driving down to the store and rudely treated, by I believe the owners son, who would not even look at the rifles. The owner then came out with not much of a better attitude and his advise.....saw off the barrels and turn them into the police during a gun exchange!!! I then took my rifles to 6H Tactical they cleaned all the rifles for a great price!!! and semi restored them in a matter of days. He also told me what I could get for them retail. THE NEXT DAY!!! I took them to another gun shop and got $1200.00 for all four rifles!!! one of the rifles was WORTH $750.00!! Thank you 6H Tactical!!!!!!"

​-Gary F.

"Quick and Friendly service. I really appreciate Kevin's time walking me through each firearm, especially the history research he did."

-Anthony C.

Tactical Gear Junkie

​"Kevin is awesome! He is very knowledgeable in his craft and is very friendly. I brought my firearm to get a piece trimmed and he did it right away and made it look great. I was able to see a few of his projects and he does top notch work. I will only take my firearms to him for any of my gunsmithing needs. Thanks Kevin!"

​-Frank P.

​"6H Tactical is a fantastic place to take your gun for repairs or modifications. Kevin is a talented gunsmith with extensive experience and training. It was an absolute pleasure working with him, and he has earned my business for as long as I stay in the area. I highly recommend giving him a call if you are looking for a true professional with a good personality."

​-Phillip C.

"Kevin did an excellent job on my XD sights highly recommend him."

​-Freddy G.

  • Bore-sighting
  • Mounting Optics (includes Bore-sight)
  • ​Disassemble, Clean, & Inspect
  • Shotgun Trigger Jobs
  • ​Rifle Trigger Jobs
  • ​Pistol Trigger Jobs
  • Shotgun center bead installation
  • Glass Bedding
  • ​Handgun Sight Change
  • Rifle Sight Change
  • Pinning/Welding Magazines
  • Barrel Change
  • Custom 1911 Builds
  • ​All 1911 Work

​"Thanks to you and giving my 300 Savage a "tune up" you gave me the confidence of harvesting this deer.  One shot, one kill!  Keep up the good work!"

​-Jonothan K.

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